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ThemeMyDatabase Access ApplyStyle add-in to update a database to use Themes and Shared images.

Using an office Theme in Access you can instantly change the color of the visual components by simply selecting a different Theme. You can use ApplyStyle to update a pre Access 2010 database to use Themes or for later databases you can adjust settings to other than Microsoft defaults. You can apply Themed fonts as well! All the functionality is provided using the add-in. In addition to applying a Theme all images can be updated to 'Shared' making it easy to provide consistant images throught a database.

A free trial version is available allowing AccessStlyes to be created and edited with property changes being instantly updated in the sample form.

Download Free trial version of ApplyStyle Add-in

The download contains versions for Access 2010, 2013 and 2016 and upwards for 32-bit and a version for 2016 and upwards 64-bit.

It also contains a README file contains installation instructions and Licence upgrade options.

To create new Themes or updated versions of existing Themes try the Latest version of the Free TMDThemeMaker Access/Office themes. It makes creating Themes with different fonts very easy compared to using the ribbon.

Download latest version of TMDThemeMaker

The download contains versions for Access 2010, 2013 and 2016 and upwards for 32-bit and a version for 2016 and upwards 64-bit.

Sample of how using a Theme can change the appearance of a database.

Themed sample.

The images show an old 2003 style database followed by a Themed version using the 'Concourse' theme followed by a version with a custom style applied and using 'Aspect' theme.

(click image to start display)

Features & Benefits .


  • Update to give Access 2016 look.
  • Create custom styles for easy re use
  • Analyse data to see colors ans fonts used
  • See Icons and images used in the database
  • Set Theme color and lighter/darker with all possible values
  • Set fonts as Themed
  • Update Icons and images to new values


  • allows setting of 2016 or custom look to an existing database
  • Multiple styles can easily be created for visual comparisons
  • All possible button settings can be previewed and added to a style
  • Sets icons as shared so global updates are simple
  • Can apply a constitent style across multiple databases.

Creating a ThemeMyDatabase style

A style incorporates the visual aspects of a database. Remember the actual colours are set by the Theme so changing the Theme will change the colours instantly. The style contains the Theme colour name along with the darkness or lightness setting for each section and type of control. Other properties such as border style, border width and for buttons properties including shape, gradient and bevel are also stored in the Style. Styles are named for easy reuse and copies can be easily created and adjusted so comparisons of a "Look" can be made..

Adjusting a style.

The first step is to choose what to adjust, then the property then relevant sections and finally the color.

Applying a colour to a form section

To apply a setting to a form section it's control type none. The property options shown are Back and Alternate back.

Bootstrap Image Preview

Selecting which section to apply to

Properties can be set for any combination of form sections.

Selecting a section

Having selected the section(s) the requred color needs to be selected. Remember that the color that displays is determined by Theme so the setting should use a Theme color and lightness or darkness to differentiat from other sections and controls

Choosing the color and intensity to set.

The 12 colors from the currently selected Theme are displayed. The abbreviated color names are along the top of the columns. Bkgr = Background, Acc = Accent, H Link is Hyper link and F Link is followed hyper link. The initial color is in the row named "Base". Above the base line are darker versions increasing by 10% per row and below are lighter versions. Having selected one of the colors the "Use" column will show colors in increments of 1% lighter or darker than the selected color. Clicking a button in the "Use" column will apply the Theme color at it chosen percentage to the selected section(s)

Setting the color

The Sample form

Current settings

When the "Use" button is clicked the Sample Form instantly shows the color in the relevant section.

Bootstrap Image Preview

Setting control properties

Color settings can be made to any control type. As different control types are selected the avilable properties will change according to availability. Command buttons have the greatest number of settings. Since office 2010 thay have included propties to change the Hover and Pressed colors and theire corresponding Fore Colors. The setting can be applied to some or all form sections. The color is selected as before.

Bootstrap Image Preview

When the "Use" button is clicked the Sample Form updates. For Back and Fore colors the samples instantly updates, for Hover or Pressed you need to move over the type of control and press it.

Database analysis

Before applying a style your database has to be Analysed to determine the current settings. Only available in the Licenced version.


Bootstrap Image Preview

The screen will flash as each form is opened and properties recorded, when complete additional navigation tabs will be available

Bootstrap Image Preview

Color Analysis.

How existing colors are used is displayed.

The Form & Control Colours subform shows the colours used in your database. It defaults to "All controls" and "Back color" but can be refined for less detail. The color number is displayed, or if currently a Theme color then the name of the Theme color is shown. A sample of the color is provided along with the number of times it is used an a name if it is a standard color. Clicking on a color row will fill the Forms & Controls subform.

Bootstrap Image Preview

The Form and Controls subform displays usage information for the selected Colour, consisting of the Form and Control names along with the control type.

Bootstrap Image Preview

Font analysis.

The Font analysis sub form displays the name of fonts and number of times a font has been used.

Bootstrap Image Preview

Subform Form and Controls shows usage information for the selected Font along with the Form and Control names along with the control type.

Bootstrap Image Preview

Images and Icons.

The analysis checks what images have been used.

The images subform displays the current images and known replacments from more recent Access versions. With a fully licenced version of ApplyStyle an alternative image can be chosen, either from a later version of Access or a custom image. The choice will be remebered for future substitutions.

Bootstrap Image Preview

Forms And Controls shows Icon usage.

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